The Gilead Institute of America

Body Power

“If Adam, at his creation, had not been endowed with twenty times as much vital force as men now have, the race, with their present habits of living in violation of natural law, would have become extinct.”— Fundamentals of Christian Education, p. 23.

The human body is an electro-chemical machine involving other things of course, in its functions. Many of the main body organs operate on an electrical basis. You cannot move a finger without electrical charges being involved. The brain and the heart and other organs continue their work because of electrical charges. Where does this electrical power come from? I believe it is produced through mental and chemical activity. We all know what an electrocardiogram and an electroencephalogram is. They measure the electrical output of the heart and the brain. The first recorded electric current was recorded in the brain of an animal in 1875 and in a human in 1925.

Recently five atheistic nuclear scientists headed by Dr. Jerome Stowell, whose previous work had largely involved destructive devices to destroy man, decided to try and find out the wave length of the electrical charges in the brain. They found a wide channel of wave lengths; each brain being different. Therefore, the brain wave length of each individual is as varied and distinctive for each as finger prints.

And so they wondered what would happen in the brain while a person was dying. They chose a lady who was still alert in mind but was on the verge of death. They arranged an electrical device in her room along with a tiny microphone the size of a quarter by her pillow so they could hear if she had anything to say also. In an adjoining room these five hardened atheistic scientists had placed their instruments, prepared to register what transpired.

Their measuring device had a needle pointing to zero in the center of the scale. On the right the scale was calibrated to 500 positive points, on the left 500 negative points. The identical device had previously measured the power used by a 50,000 watt broadcasting station sending a message around the world at nine points on the positive scale.

Dr. Stowell reports: “As the last moments of the lady’s life arrived, she began to pray and praise the Lord. She asked Him to be merciful to those who had despitefully used her. Then she reaffirmed her faith in God, telling Him she knew He was the only power; that He had always been and would always be the Living Power. She told Him how much she loved Him.”

“We scientists had been so engrossed with the woman’s prayer that we had forgotten our experiment. We looked at each other and saw tears flowing down atheistic scientific faces. I had not shed tears since I was a child.”

Suddenly we heard a clicking sound on our forgotten instrument. We looked, and the needle was trying to go higher than 500 positive points, only to bounce against the positive post in its attempt. By actual instrumentation we had recorded that the brain of a woman, alone and dying, in communication with God had registered more than 55 times the power used by a 50,000 watt broadcasting station sending messages around the world.”

Please note that this power was generated by the mind, the thinking process. Her words were recorded on a different instrument.

Then these scientists decided to measure what happened to a man when he became angry. A man was chosen in the hospital, and one of the nurses was induced to play upon his emotions. Then when she had obtained his attention and interest she told him she would have nothing more to do with him. He began to verbally abuse her, and the needle began to register on the negative side. Then he cursed her, and took the name of the Lord in vain. The needle clicked back and forth against the negative 500 point post.

Now let me quote again from Dr. Stowell. “By actual instrumentation we had registered what happened in the brain, when that brain broke one of God’s ten commandments, ‘Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.’ Ex. 20:7.

“We had established by instrumentation the positive power of God and the negative power of the adversary. We had found that beneficial truth is positive, and that non-beneficial things involving breaking God’s commandments, are negative in varying degrees.”

“If we scientists can record these things, I believe with all my heart that the Lord God can keep a record of our thoughts. He has more power than we have, and a better record keeper than any of us on this earth.

“It is the presence of God in us that gives us power, of whose magnitude we have no conception. I am now a scientist who loves the Lord with all my heart, and mind and soul, and might. I want you to pray for me that I will always think and say and do the things a positive God wants--and nothing according to the wishes of a negative adversary who kept me blinded and bound so many years.”

Now let me make a few comments. Dr. Stowell became concerned over his promulgation of destructive processes. He asked God to manifest Himself to him with the result he had a born again experience and now works and devotes his time to witnessing and giving lectures. Don’t you have a desire in your heart to love, cherish, and give all to the Lord Jesus?

Every one of us has problems, some small, some involving ruin, some involving life and death. My own experience has been that when we have faith in God and ask Him to solve our problems, He will always do it if we give ourselves to Him and let Him do it. But we must let Him do it in His time and way, and He usually lets circumstances go to the limit, to test our faith, before He makes a solution. Most of the prayers God has answered for me have been prayers of the mind, and not expressed verbally. This emphasizes what they found out in the experiment. And so you go about, you may praise God in your mind, and ask Him silently for what you want. The power is there to transmit and record your thoughts in heaven instantly.

And besides this I have evidence as a physician that these positive electrical charges may promote health beyond measure. So let us make use of them. And don’t ever think that your prayers go no higher than your head. God has given us power through our thoughts to communicate with Him, which has been scientifically measured with an electrical instrument to be over 55 times more powerful than the power required by a 50,000 watt broadcasting station beaming its message around the world. These messages not only may be heard, but can be recorded also. Even a picture of a person may be recorded on proper instruments thousands of miles away.

So now we can easily see that God may hear and record not only our good thoughts and prayers, but He can record our evil thoughts as well. We often think that God records only our actions; but we all know that the act is not committed, until the thoughts initiate such. How careful, therefore, should we be of our thoughts.

Now we have been talking about energy generated in the brain of a woman alone and dying. But this may be infinitesimal compared with the potential.

The atomic age and the splitting of the atom has changed our concept of power. Scientists have now calculated that if the electrical power of the hydrogen atoms alone, contained in the body, could be utilized, they would supply the electrical needs of the United States for nearly a week. Dupont announced that the atoms in our bodies contain the potential power of 11 million kilowatt hours per pound of body weight. This means a 175-pound man might generate about 2 billion kilowatt hours of power. Therefore an average man according to this estimate of power alone, is worth about 85 million dollars. So, man is mysteriously and wonderfully made, but God places a higher value on man. We know that Christ would have come to save only one if necessary.

Now we all know of and have felt the aura surrounding each individual as we meet and associate with one another. It has been said by scientists that if you were to stand in a completely darkened room in front of an infrared television camera, they could demonstrate on a monitor screen, that you are a glistening, gleaming, shining, radiating, vibrating form. Also as the waves of energy ripple out, they spread themselves in a multiplicity of colors, like the stained glass windows of a cathedral. And not only this, but if we had a proper receiving device, as these atoms move back and forth, merging with other atoms, we could hear singing, and perhaps the melodic sounds of a symphonic concert.

So science has not only demonstrated that you are filled with light, energy and music, but that you are broadcasting such. Now I suspect from the experiments of Dr. Stowell and associates, that only those directly, and continuously connected with heaven, might produce this good, beautiful, heavenly light, energy, and music. I suspect also that those connected with the powers of darkness, might well produce a dark shadowy form with negative energy intended to destroy. Also that the singing and music might well be rock and roll, black rock, or other forms of destructive music produced by these powers of darkness.

So now what does all this mean? You will remember that no one has a brain wave the same as anyone else, any more than there are two finger prints the same. By the same token each being would be on a different wave length of light, energy, music, etc. So it means to me that since the above conditions exist, and since these processes are automatic that God has a completely fair, honest, and accurate way of dealing with everyone, and recording automatically and in detail every facet of our lives.

So, what a God we serve. He gives us the Holy Spirit to direct us and keep us. You have heard Him speaking to you often, “This is the way, walk ye in it.” He also gives you instant communication with Him, through your thoughts. So let us make use of this, by continual, persistent, constant, and instant prayer; and especially let us praise Him, love Him, and obey Him.