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Manuscript Releases Volume Twelve : Page 299

59. Comments About Dr. Caro, A New Zealand Dentist

I have had so much trouble with these teeth and [have] expended on them no less than $150 or $200. I found Mrs. Dr. Caro a superior dentist of high repute. She had special interest in, and love for, Sister White. The matter was decided as far back as the conference in Napier, to have this done at once after the conference.

I leave Wellington in two months to go to Napier where Dr. Caro and Mrs. Dr. Dentist Caro live. Her dentist rooms are in their own house. I am glad the job that is the most disagreeable is done.--Letter 117, 1893, p. 2. (Written from Wellington, New Zealand, July 12, 1893, to Edson and Emma White.)

The 60 pounds that went to Sister Caro to help bear the load she was carrying, I meant to invest in the meetinghouse in Melbourne. But there seem to be more than six ways to expend every shilling in the work that needs to be done.--Letter 46, 1895, p. 4. (Written from North Fitzroy, Australia, April 15, 1895, to Dr. J. H. Kellogg.) White Estate Washington, D. C. June 1, 1983