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Manuscript Releases Volume Twelve : Page 223

42. Controversy Over the Daily to be Avoided

Sanitarium, California

July 1, 1908 Elder W. W. Prescott Takoma Park

Dear Brother: I am instructed to say to you, Let there be no questions agitated at this time in the Review that will tend to unsettle minds. Let us seek for soul work. Let us as a people humble ourselves before the Lord, and seek Him for true conversion. There is a work to be done in our hearts and in our homes that but few understand. There is need of much praying, not need of long prayers, but prayers of faith offered in humility of soul.

We have no time now to enter into unnecessary controversy, but we should earnestly consider the need of seeking the Lord for true conversion of heart and life. There should be determined efforts made to secure sanctification of soul and mind. There is a deep and earnest work to be done in every church and in every family. Fathers and mothers have a solemn work to do in bringing their children to understand the necessity of seeking the Lord for salvation from sin.

In all our schools instruction is to be given that will lead the students to put on the white robe of the righteousness of Christ. In our


larger churches special personal efforts should be made for fathers and mothers, that they may understand the consecration that is required of them that they may do effectual work for the salvation of their children. Earnest prayers should be offered for the institutions established for the education and training of our children and youth, that those who receive instruction there may grow up to honor and glorify God.

It will prove to be a great mistake if you agitate at this time the question regarding the "daily," which has been occupying much of your attention of late. I have been shown that the result of your making this question a prominent issue would be that the minds of a large number will be directed to an unnecessary controversy, and that questioning and confusion will be developed in our ranks. Cannot you see that if this question is agitated now minds would be unfavorably impressed, and many who should be seeking most earnestly for the saving grace of Christ would be drawn into controversy? There are some who would make capital of this matter to turn souls away from the truth. My brother, let us be slow to raise questions that will be a source of temptation to our people.

I have had no special light on the point presented for discussion and I do not see the need of this discussion. But I am instructed to tell you that this small matter upon which you are concentrating your thought will become a great mountain unless you determine to let it alone. I have been instructed that the Lord has not placed upon you the burden you are now carrying regarding this matter, and that it is not profitable for you to spend so much time and attention in its consideration. You are not using wisely the time God is giving you by thus devoting it to such jots and tittles, when you can be speaking words that will confirm the people of God in


the faith they hold. God has not placed upon any of His ministers the work of sowing seeds that will produce confusion and unbelief.

You suppose that a mistake has been made in the view that has been held by some of our brethren in regard to the sanctuary question. There have been different opinions regarding the daily, and there will continue to be. If the Lord has seen fit to let this matter rest for so many years without correcting the same, would it not be wisdom on your part to refrain from presenting your views concerning it? I advise you not to present your ideas before our churches, but to let this matter alone, because at this period of our history the enemy will be served by an attack made on us regarding our disagreement on this point if it is made prominent, and this will lead to a worse issue.

The simplicity of our faith is to be dwelt upon. Let the ministers teach the people how to give to others a knowledge of the saving truth for this time. The teachings of Christ are very simple but they are all essential. Let us heed His words, for we are exhorted to look to Him for guidance. We should ever bear in mind that we are to be taught of God. "The Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, . . . full of grace and truth. And of His fulness have all we received, and grace for grace" (John 1:14, 16). The power of the gospel is to come upon the companies who are raised up to bear witness to the commandments of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ.

Study the 78th Psalm; it is worthy of our earnest consideration. A solemn work is before us, and the people of God should be far in advance of where they now stand in an understanding of eternal realities. What we need now is fishers of men. Let us as a people arouse to our duty to explain the


truths of the Word to those who know them not. Begin earnest, self-sacrificing efforts for those who are perishing in their sins. Those who sow the seeds of truth will reap a rich harvest. The amount of good done by unselfish effort no human mind can estimate.--Letter 226, 1908. White Estate Washington, D. C. January 6, 1983