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Manuscript Releases Volume Twelve : Page 158

32. Unity Prevails at 1889 General Conference

We are having a good meeting. [* THE 1889 GENERAL CONFERENCE SESSION WAS HELD FROM OCT. 18 TO NOV. 3, IN BATTLE CREEK, MICHIGAN.] There seems to be no dissension. The testimonies which have been borne by ministers are that the light that came to them at Minneapolis and during the past year has been highly appreciated and they will walk in the light. They have seen more of the blessedness of the truth and the love of Jesus than ever before in their lives--that success has attended their labors during the past year as never before and they have enjoyed the presence and the love of God in large measure. This has been the testimony borne and the meetings are excellent. At the same time there are a large number who apparently stand where they did at Minneapolis. Oh, that God would work mightily for His people and scatter the clouds of darkness and let the sunlight of His glory in!

I am much pleased with the meeting. Thus far, not one voice of opposition is heard. Unity seems to prevail. I have had precious seasons of prayer in your behalf and I believe the Lord is working for you and Satan will be disappointed.--Letter 76, 1889, p. 1. (To Mary Kelsey-White, Oct. 29, 1889.) White Estate Washington, D. C. Dec. 2, 1982