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Manuscript Releases Volume Twelve : Page 149

30. Items for Newbold--Part II

Each Person Has an Influence on Others --The fruit borne upon the tree is not seen in good works, but in perpetuation of transgression and sin. It is not alone one's own soul and his own hope of eternal life that are sacrificed. He has influenced others. And all the influence he failed to exert in behalf of righteousness and truth, all the stumbling blocks laid in the way of other souls, will be charged against him in that great day when the judgment shall sit and the books shall be opened, and everyone shall be judged according to his deeds. The soul that has had light in regard to the Lord's Sabbath, His memorial of Creation, and to save himself from inconvenience and reproach has chosen to remain disloyal, has sold his Lord. He has dishonored the name of Christ. He has taken his stand with the armies of antichrist. With them at the last great day he will be found outside the city of God, not with the loyal, the true and righteous, in the heavenly kingdom.

All who have genuine faith will be tested and tried. They may have to forsake houses and lands, and even their own relatives, because of bitter opposition. But "when they persecute you in this city, flee ye into another," Christ said, "Ye shall not have gone over the cities of Israel, til the Son of man be come" (Matt. 15:23).--Ms. 9, 1900, p. 4. ("Our Duty Under Persecution," Jan. 26, 1900.)


God Wants His People to Be Ready to Meet Him in Peace --God is deferring the bringing of His judgment upon the earth in order that those who are supposed to be His people, but who have been bringing in the very things He has condemned in ancient Israel, working according to methods He will not accept, may get ready to meet Him in peace. Those who have been devising and bringing in selfish, covetous principles, and taking credit to themselves for their sharpness, will never see the kingdom of God unless they are decidedly changed in character; for selfishness is an abomination in the sight of the Lord, and is a dishonor to Christ, their Creator and Redeemer, whose name they claim. God says, "I will thoroughly purge My floor of all chaff. I will sift My people as in a sieve. Those who name My name must be thoroughly cleansed from all false and corrupting principles. Those whom I claim as My heritage will even now be wondered at as a peculiar people, cleansed from all fraud, all injustice. Those who enter the city of God will here have worked righteousness revealing to the world the principles of heaven."--Ms. 15, 1901, pp. 3-4. (Diary, Feb. 21, 1901.) White Estate Washington, D. C. October 27, 1982