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Manuscript Releases Volume Twelve : Page 112

23. Fanaticism as Leaven in Meal

No Time to be Negligent --May the Lord impart to us His own light. The doctrine of a wonderful experience of holiness and sanctification that has been taught in Battle Creek and other places has been as leaven put into meal. I fear greatly for the results of this fanaticism. The experiences we passed through in the early days of the message have always led me to feel, when I see men professing to occupy a high platform of righteousness, that something will follow of which we should be ashamed, something that will work harm.

We certainly need clear spiritual eyesight. When I hear of theories being presented relating to my Father and my God, I am afraid lest the Lord shall be presented by finite man in a manner to belittle and dishonor Him. . . .

We are on the earth as combatants. This is not time or place for us to be negligent, indifferent, or careless. We have a heaven to win and a hell to shun. There is frequently presented to me a scene of conflict and of determined opposition. How can it be otherwise when we are in an enemy's country?--Letter 43, 1904. (To G. I. Butler, Dec. 14, 1903.) White Estate Washington, D. C. October 27, 1982