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Manuscript Releases Volume Fifteen : Page 210

26. Letter From Paris, Maine, November, 1850

[Written November 1, 1850, to Brother and Sister Loveland in Johnston, Vermont. The postscript following Ellen White's name was written by James White.]

We received your very kind letter here at Paris yesterday, enclosing the ten, for which we thank you. We are all enjoying quite good health and have had some sweet seasons of late. How good it is to have a God that we can go to and tell our wants to Him; and He, like a tender parent, supplies our wants, and in sickness He is our physician and will undertake our case and heal us every whit. Should we not rejoice and glorify God?

Since we last wrote you, we have been to Fairhaven to attend a conference there. Brother Bates was present. We had quite an interesting meeting. James baptized two. Both were filled with the Holy Spirit.

Monday we returned to Dorchester where our dear Brother Nichols and family live. There in the night God gave me a very interesting vision, the most of which you will see in the paper. God shewed me the necessity of getting out a chart. I saw it was needed and that the truth made plain upon tables would effect much and would cause souls to come to the knowledge of the truth.

Thursday we left Dorchester for Topsham, Maine. Friday, Brother Howland's family and my little boy went with us to Gorham to spend the Sabbath with our parents. Found them strong in the faith. We had a good season with them. We parted with them Sunday sorrowful, because we were obliged to part, but rejoicing that we were of one faith and that soon we should meet if faithful never more to part.


You write of trials. We should be glad to know what they are that we may understand your cases and may know how to sympathize with you. We love you and your little band and should love to see you much, but do not expect to at present. We shall stay here at Paris some little time. James is now getting out a paper here. It is an excellent place to get out the paper.

Now do write and tell me if there is anything in your place that prevents your rising. God wants His people to rise and get the victory over the powers of darkness. Be free and free indeed; the fountain is full and free. Let us drink, and do not let the enemy prevent us from drawing sap and nourishment from Jesus, the living vine. Let us not rest unless we know that our lives are hid with Christ in God. We must have daily the full assurance that we are accepted of Him. If we have [this], all is well. We then can come to the throne of grace with holy boldness and draw strength and glory from the sanctuary and be triumphant in God. I do long for the mind that was in Christ. Day after day I discover my unlikeness to the meek and lowly Jesus. I want His fashioning hand to be laid upon me, for I would reflect the lovely image of Jesus.

At times I feel the power of God even in my flesh and yet I am not satisfied. I want to plunge deeper and deeper in the ocean of God's love and be wholly swallowed up in Him. Be strong in God. Do not sink. My vision comes up before me and the words of the angel even now seem to ring in my ears, "Get ready, get ready, get ready. Time is almost finished, almost finished, almost finished. Cry, cry, for the arm of the Lord to be revealed, for the arm of the Lord to be revealed. Time is almost finished. What you do, you must do quickly!"


Much love to all of your dear band. Much love to your daughter who is not at home. Tell her she will have to wade through deep waters, but God is with her and He will strengthen and uphold her, and though she passes through deep waters they will not overflow her.

Love to the next oldest. (I cannot remember the names of either.) Tell her for me that she has a part to act in the cause of God, and if she would be saved she must overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of her testimony. Tell her not to hold back and get barrenness to her soul, but take a part in your little social meetings and she will get great strength to her soul and will not be a clog to the meetings. Tell her to be strong and faint not by the way.

Much love to dear Brother and Sister Heath. I should love to see them much, and talk over the glorious hope that we have and of soon coming into possession of a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory. Tell them to be valiant for the truth and keep up good courage, and all of your little band. It is as the garden of Eden before us and a desolate wilderness behind us. Tell them to press, press their way to the kingdom.

James would write some but he is now writing at the same table for the paper. He sends love to Brother and Sister Loveland and your children and all the band. I have written this in great haste. In hope of speedy redemption of the voice of [God]. Write often!

[P.S.] We have received an excellent letter from Brother Rhodes. He is valiant for the truth and God has been making him mighty. Many souls have been brought into the truth through his labors. Today we received an excellent letter from Brother Bates. He is still in Fairhaven. E. G. White.-- Letter 26, 1850.


I hope to send you some papers soon. The chart is being executed in Boston. God is in it.

Bro. Nichols has the charge of it.

I do want to see you, but I do not see how we can leave here at present. Let me say to you all, follow the light given at Sutton. Amen. Be strong.

Much love to every whole-hearted soul in your little band.--James White. Ellen G. White Estate Washington, D. C. November 7, 1985 Entire Letter