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Manuscript Releases Volume Fifteen : Page 59

10. Public Evangelism To Be Conducted by Team of Two Ministers

(Written September 14, 1905, from Sanitarium, National City, California, to the executive committee of the Southern California Conference.)

I am instructed to say that where an effort is made to open the gospel work in a new field, there should be not less than two speakers to labor together in the ministry. When Christ sent forth His disciples on their missionary tour, He sent them out two by two. This is the Lord's plan.

In opening up the work in San Diego, Elder Simpson should not be left to stand alone. There should be associated with him someone who is fitted to share these responsibilities. Elder Owen should be freed from other work that he may unite with Elder Simpson in presenting the truth to the people of San Diego.

That this may be accomplished, another Bible teacher must be selected for the school at Fernando. But it will be easier to find a suitable Bible teacher than to secure the services of one who has the wisdom and tact necessary to deal with an interest in the important city of San Diego. I ask you to unite in an effort to make such changes that Elder Owen may be released from the school work, to unite with Elder Simpson.

Elder Healey may consider that he is fitted to share this burden with Elder Simpson. But this would be a mistake. Elder Healey has neither the necessary physical strength nor the tact and ingenuity that should be manifested by those who are engaged in a large public effort.


The Lord designs that His work shall be carried solidly. To enter a new field involves large expense. But the extra expense of a second man to help Brother Simpson will be an investment that will bring returns. I feel to urge this matter because so much is at stake. I pray the Lord to impress your minds to carry out His will.

I will now leave the matter with you, but I cannot free myself from the conviction that it is God's will that Elder Owen and Elder Simpson shall unite in the important work that is to be undertaken in San Diego. I entreat of you to secure someone else to give instruction in Bible at Fernando, that Elder Owen may be free to unite with Elder Simpson.--Letter 261, 1905. Ellen G. White Estate Washington, D. C. June 6, 1986. Entire Letter